Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mexico: Rural leader murdered in Sinaloa

Translated from La Jornada

Pedro Lugo used to walk in the mornings; wife and children found his corpse shot.

The PRD condemns the crime; requires the state and federal governments to take measures against violence and impunity

Javier Valdez Cardenas, Correspondent

Culiacán, Sinaloa, 16 of May. Unknown gunmen shot to death the rural leader Pedro Lugo Rivera when he was near his house, in the community of Ocoroni, municipality of Sinaloa, reported the ministerial police of the state.

The leader used to go for walking in the mornings but this Saturday he got unusually late. His children and wife they went to seek for him and they found him a few kilometers from the house, with bullet wounds in thorax and abdomen.

Lugo Rivera was a leader of the Peasant National Confederation of the PRI. Then he entered at the front of Defense of the Agricultural Producers, next to various leaders perredistas, and recently he worked in the region along with Juan Figueroa Sources, local representative of the PRD.

Ramón Lucas Lizárraga, perredista state leader, condemned the murder and he demand the state and federal governments to adopt measures to fight the violence and to put an end to the impunity. "Every act of this nature is reprehensible", maintained.

Also he deplored that the violence reign in Sinaloa and recalled that besides Lugo Rivera, they were murdered Rogelio Zamora and another militant in the municipality of Narrowness on November 14, 2008. "The government should apply the necessary measures so that these cowardly murders don't remain unpunished", demanded.

The rural leader of Ocorini also collaborated with the National Union of Autonomous Rural Organizations in the movement against the farm chapter of the NAFTA, and he fought for changes in the social politics of the government.

In October of 2004, along with other leaders and rural organizations of Sonora, Michoacán, Puebla, Guerrero and Sinaloa, he participated in a protest in front of the Office of the secretary of Agriculture, Stockbreeding, Rural Development, Fishing and Alimentation (Sagarpa) in the Federal District, to demand endorsement to their farm projects.

On that occasion, Lugo Rivera said that the coop members of Ocorini continued expecting the lands of irrigation that they were promised 26 years ago in exchange for donating 5 thousand 400 hectares for a dam. "They despoiled us and 350 families lost their plots", denounced at that time.

He exposed that beside that the coop members carried a five-year period requesting to the federal government works of irrigation and a project of farm development for the region, but the Sagarpa asked them 50 million pesos –the half of the cost– to get to work. And he asked: "¿From where are we going to raise that money?"