Friday, 26 June 2009

Philippines: Body of slain farmer-leader laid to rest, search for justice continues


Renato Penas (Ka Rene)

AFA wishes to thank all of you who sent your generous expressions of sympathy and solidarity for PAKISAMA and the family of our beloved and esteemed farmer-leader, Renato Penas, who was murdered last June 5.

AFA joined the activities of PAKISAMA last June 6-12 in honor of Ka Rene when his body was brought to Metro Manila. Together with many farmers, NGOs, students, and other supporters of the agrarian reform movement in the Philippines, we joined the memorial services, masses, and marches for Ka Rene; as well as solicited financial assistance for the bereaved family. We also printed out and handed over your messages to his wife and children. His body was brought back to Mindanao and buried last June 16.

The search for truth and justice continues. A multi-sectoral body aimed at conducting an independent Fact Finding Mission (FFM) to be able to gather evidence and other information that could help surface the motive behind the killing of Ka Rene Peñas was launched. PAKISAMA welcomes any donation to cover the expenses of this investigation.

Read more about Ka Rene here

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Philippines: Sumilao peasant leader shot dead in Bukidnon

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Afghan farmers complain 'Canadians' shooting at them while they work

posted on Yahoo News Canada

Wed Jun 3, 9:47 AM

By The Canadian Press

PANJWAII DISTRICT, Afghanistan - Some Afghan farmers are complaining Canadians soldiers are shooting at them while they work their fields after dark.

They say unless the shooting stops, they will be forced to leave their village homes nestled in the heart of the insurgent badlands of southern Afghanistan. But the Canadians are adamant the firing isn't coming from them.

They believe soldiers from Afghanistan's army may be firing at people suspected of planting roadside bombs.

In one recent case, Canadian solders did kill a man relaying their movements to insurgents.

The incidents highlight the difficulty Canadian forces face dealing with an enemy that blends with the local population, and villages caught in the middle.