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MEXICO: Farmer murdered, family is accusing a group afiliated to the PRD party

Farmer and landowner of a small piece of land Manuel Cadena Gonzáles, 35 was assassinated on the 14th of September. His family and the People's Front of Anahuac are accusing the group Fransisco Villa Popular Front, (FPFV) which is affiliated to the moderate leftist Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD). Four days earlier his mother was injured during an attempt of the FPFV to occupy the piece of land.
Following the assassination there were protests against the PRD government of the Federal District.

Farmers Under Fire (Worldwide)

sources: indymedia mexico [2] , Enlace Zapatista

Monday, 14 September 2009

Loliondo is Burning

Loliondo is Burning provides documentary evidence, testimony, and background information surrounding the recent eviction of Massai in Loliondo, northern Tanzania. This is a two-part video.

In July 2009, during one of the worst droughts in recent Tanzanian history, the government of Tanzania began to forcefully evict the Maasai from their traditional lands. Eight villages were burnt to the ground, along with crops and traditional places of worship. As a result, some 3,000 people were left without any shelter, food or water.

As Loliondo is Burning explains, the evictions were carried out on behalf of the Ortello Business Company (OBC) and the Royal Family of Dubai, who claim the Maasai land as their own. Employees of OBC reportedly took part in the eviction.

Several abuses were also reported to have taken place, including the rape of Masaai women. Overall,

  • More than 200 bomas (homesteads of extended families) have been totally burnt.
  • Food stores and maize fields have been burned.
  • It is estimated that up to 3,000 people have been made homeless without food and shelter.
  • Several maize farms, which were ready for harvest, were set ablaze exacerbating an already alarming hunger situation.
  • More than 50,000 cattle have been pushed into areas hit by extreme drought with no water and grass. Some cattle have been lost and some burned to death.
  • Property worth millions of Tanzania Shillings has been destroyed.
  • Other women who were chased from their homes have had miscarriages.
  • Many people are now suffering from psychological traumas.

It should be noted that the eviction is ongoing. Other burnings have reportedly taken place since July. Further, more than two dozen Maasai have been arrested, some as recent as 7 days ago.

More information

For more information on the current situation, please read the report “Gross violations of human and citizenship rights in Tanzania” by the Feminist Activist Coalition. You may also want to see:

What You Can Do

If you would like to speak out in support of the Masaai, send an email to:

  • President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, United Republic of Tanzania – State House Luthuli Road, Box 9120, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 00 255 22 2 116 898 / 22 2 116 899 00 255 22 2 113 425
  • Private Secretary to Mizengo Pinda, Prime Minister of Tanzania, Email:;
  • Mr. Yacoub El Hillo, UNHCR Representative to Tanzania,
  • Tanzanian Embassy in your country:

Thanks to Derek Wall for his reporting on Another Green World

West Papua Photo News Shocking images Indonesian military burnt down Papuan Village in Bogolame.

By WPNews Bolgolame
Sep 8, 2009, 22:59

Intervew by WPNews
WPNews Good morning Mr. Yugum could you tell us about situation in Bogolame?

Yugum Tabuni : thank you very much situation in Bogolame today my peoples are all hiding in the juggles mostly Children, woman, elderly and man all hiding in the juggles because military burnt down our village.

WPNews Can you tell us how many houses burnt down by Indonesia Military?

Yugum: I need to tell you today that 25 houses burn down and 5 pig kill by indoensia Military.

WPNes : How important your house and pig

Yugum : as you know we all Papuan house and Pig is part of the our live. Because Pig is very important value in West Papuan Economic and House is were we live time to time year to year we don’t have any thing else here in the village but the house is most important then any other.

WPNews: can you tell us how many peoples been kill by Indonesia military?

Yugum : until today peoples still hiding in the juggles so very difficult to tell you military still patrol the area. but we found lot of bullet from Indonesia Military when they shooting to the peoples.
I will tell you how many peoples are been kill because all the road blocked by military very difficult we are dangerous.

WPNews : How the peoples in the juggles could survive especially children, woman and elderly peoples.

Yugum: we need help because there is no food, no medicine, and our garden already been destroy by military. we can not go back to our house or garden peoples are hiding.

WPNews: what you expecting peoples outside world specially international community.

Yugum: only one We want Independence from Indonesia. If we still with indoenesia they destroyed our rice from this planet so before to late peoples help us. Tell peoples in Europe, United Kingdom , America, Australia and Pacifica we need support put pressure to Indonesia to stop operation in Bogolame and Tinginambut.

This is my message to you to tell them we need help.

WPNes Thank you very much for your time speaking to us Mr. Yugum.

© Copyright by w@tchPAPUA

West Papua Bogolame Interview Exclusive and Photo News Before the Indonesia Military and Police Attack.

WPNews: Can you tell us what happening in your village

Yugum Tabuni : I need to tell you that today Indonesia Military and Police about 400 Personnel from Wamena and tolikara come to our Village with heavy weapon Attack our Villager.

WPNews: who are the come to your village

Yugum Tabuni: this Military and Police are come from two direction Wamena and Tolikara about 400 personnel they bourn our Village we still hiding in the Juggles.

WPNews : why the Military and Police attack your Village

Yugum Tabuni: they attack our Village because we rising morning star flag in Our village peacefully and we not disturb Indonesia Militari and Police we rising in Our village not Indonesia Land.

WPNews How many Peoples been kill and how many village are bourn

Yugum Tabuni : today I can report to you but because Military still surrounding us I will report latter but I sow from mountain that one Village call Munak already bourn down on the ground. We still hiding so I don’t know how many peoples are kill.

WPNews: why you rise morning star flag in the Village

Yugum Tabuni: we raise the morning star Flag in the Village because this is our identity and our national Flag. So we could raise any were we like we not go to Indonesia land and raise but this our land to raise the morning star but now Military and Police attach. We need international community to help us because they if not they will continue to kill many of us like what happen in 1977 here some district hundred thousand kill.

We need now very urgently need help put pressure to Indonesia Government please.

Thank you for your time Mr. Yugum Tabuni
Interview directly from WPNews United Kingdom

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